Have a Good (Sports) Weekend!

An upcoming boxing event out at Dulles, VA's All Star Legacy Training Facility is drawing a lot of attention.

The March 8th bouts feature local boxers that include:

• The "Ding-A-Ling" Man, Darnell Wilson
• "Dangerous" Dana Dunston
• The "Mongolian Mongoose" Bayan Jargal
• Andre "Clockwork" Nichols
• Tracey "Brutal" Brewer

For info see www.aftershockevents.com.

"Me thinks there's gonna to be a lot of rumbblin' goin' on with this one!"


In pro basketball news, Wizards Gil and Thomas both cleared to practice (but with limitations).

And oh, yeah - Why is everyone shocked that Terrell Owens can dunk a basketball? DC Urbansports photo'd him dunking several years ago.

And lastly,

It's my birthday weekend and I'm celebrating early! So, see ya Monday (In Sports), and have a great sports weekend! Peace!

March Birthdays In Sports

Phillip Daniels, March 2 (S)

Anthony Montgomery/Bailey McCullen, March 8 (S)

Aaron Boone, March 9 (N)

Shawn Springs, March 11 (S)

Caron Butler, March 13 (W)

Antonio Daniels, March 19 (W)

Cristian Guzman, March 21 (N)

Nikki Teasley, March 22 (M)

Reche Caldwell, March 28 (S)

Nikki Blue, March 29 (M)

N-Nationals, S-Skins, M-Mystics, W-Wizards

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