Monday In Sports (1/7)

Ready Redskins Stifled by Steamin’ Seahawks.

Two Seattle touchdowns in the 4th quarter, a couple of interceptions, more than a few sacks on the quarterback, and an awesome Seattle defense and you got a 14-35 loss for the Redskins.

The Seattle Seahawks brought their 'A' game in this past Saturday's contest against the Washington Redskins.

A scoreless first half, the Redskins seemed revived after coming back onto the field after half time. They would score two TDs, to give the fans hope.

Antwaan Randle El (whose efforts on the day gets our vote for most productive player), and Santana Moss were the team's scorers.

But in the end it wasn't enough.

An interception caught by Seattle cornerback Marcus Trufant, off a pass meant for Skins Santana Moss, garnered a 78-yard touchdown response, giving the Seahawks a 28-14 lead.

Another TD late in the fourth quarter sealed the victory for Seattle.

"You hate to see the season end like this", said Phillip Daniels.

Indeed Redskins fans do hate to see the season end. But just like the players, are optimistic about next season.

"We're just going to use this season to build for next season", said Skins line backer Marcus Washington.

Players look at the season as a season of lessons learned. A season of learning what is most important, and certainly a season of growing pains.

All this, as a result of losing a best friend, a mentor, a teammate.

You win by 21. Then you lose by 21.

However you look at, the number 21 will remain with this team for a long time to come.