Monday in Sports (12/31)

And what a fab Monday in sports it is!

The Washington Redskins, after facing adversity and a string of loses, turn things around to win four in a row, and give fans a double gift for the new year - a win over Dallas (I say a win, over Dallas), and a playoff berth. (How ironic. The birth of a new year, and a playoff berth.)

The Redskins defeated long-time rivals, the Dallas Cowboys by twenty-one points, 27-6, at FedEx field on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon.

I'd have to say I’ve never seen Coach Gibbs so PuP (poised under pressure) as I’ve seen him this season.

From having to deal with an inconsistent win record, the passing of a very promising player, rookie-like back-to-back time-out calls costing the Skins the game against the Buffalo Bills (for which Coach Gibbs took full credit), to having an injured QB. And that's just his football life.

Then there's his two-year old grandson, Taylor, battling leukemia.

What a roller coaster of a ride this season has been. Certainly, one that will not soon be forgotten.

Love him or not, Coach Gibbs gets my vote for being, if nothing else, the most calm and collected NFL coach of the year, while the Washington Redskins get my vote for come-back team of the year.

Teammates say they are flying on the wings of their fallen angel, Sean Taylor. Is it irony, or fate that they won by twenty-one (Sean Taylor's jersey number), or that Coach Gibbs' grandson is named Taylor?

With all the irony surrounding the team could that irony make the Redskins possible NFC Division Champs? What about possible Super Bowl contenders?

This team has showed that in the face of adversity, anything is possible.

Read more about the Skins’ win over Dallas, and what’s next for this amazingly tenacious team.

Happy 2008 Coach Gibbs, and players!

View a few pics from the game taken by one of our readers.

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