Mayweather Stops Hatton in the 10th Round!

The most anticipated fight of the year finds 'Pretty Boy Floyd' Mayweather, Jr. knocking out opponent Ricky Hatton in the 10th (aaaand fiii-nal) round Saturday night in Viva Las Vegas.

Despite the desperate attempts to peg Mayweather as the underdog (and why, oh, why would anyone do that?) Mayweather showed that he is the number one contender.

He remains undefeated (39-0), over formerly undefeated (43-1) Hatton.

"I wanted to punch with power," Mayweather said. "A couple of fights ago I gave my fans a dud, so I wanted to come back and give my fans a great fight."

Said Hatton, "I felt really big and really strong, but I left myself open. He's better inside than what I thought with all the elbows, shoulders and forearms he used."

Mayweather garnered a hefty $11 million to Hatton's $6 million. Mayweather also received profits from PPV (pay-per-view).

Check out ESPN's round-by-round account of the fight.

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