Should Michael Vick Play or Pay?

The story of Michael Vick's alledged dog fighting has permeated our homes, brains, TV, radio, and internet. Quite frankly I don't believe this much coverage was given to Jack the Ripper, Jeffery Dahmer, or O.J.

And certainly, the Vick case has gotten more coverage than the Catholic priests who molested alter boys, time and again, over a 30 year period. Hey, didn't they just pay a fine, and kept it movin'? No jail time?

Some feel that jail time for Michael Vick is fitting, while others believe he should just be fined. One group feels Vick should be allowed to "learn from his mistake" and resume his profession as the Atlanta Falcons' QB.

Not saying the deliberate killing of animals (or people, for that matter) is acceptable, or should be condoned - but doesn't the same horrid thing happen to cows, pigs, and chickens all in the name of 'feeding America'?

The fattest pig or cow garners the most profit for its owner, and is taken to the slaughterhouse.

Are the inhumane breeding practices and heinous killing of farm animals by large corporations, for profit, justifiable?

The Washington Post reported today on the gruesome practice of dog fighting, citing it is an underground 'sport' that has been going on for decades.

If that is the case, then shouldn't everyone involved in the mistreatment and cruelty of animals be brought to justice? Why are the masses so outraged with Michael Vick's alleged malfeaseance? Why is he the fall guy?

Let's not forget that cock fighting on America's plantations made slave masters rich for years.

Then there's the rabbits and foxes that are killed each year in the name of fashion and glamour.

All those fur coats worn by the rich and famous, and PETA can't get one conviction of one fur coat maker?

Yet, one lone man has to take the stand for, and the brunt of, it all.

Come on, now. The scales of 'inhumane animal treatment prosecution', if you will, seem a bit unbalanced here; and in the words of Wanda Hawkins, co-host of the ficticious WHDC TV talk show, "That's what I have to say."

What say you?



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