Chris Samuels' Enters The World of Reality TV

Former Redskin tackle Chris Samuels has entered the world of Reality TV. He and his wife, Monica, have joined the cast of Real Housewives of Potomac.

Photo credot: WAPO

In Sunday’s episode the six-time Pro Bowl selection and philanthropist dined with friends and family in Alabama to celebrate him receiving the Alabama Hall of Fame award for football excellence.

The dining experience became a bit tense between Samuels’ wife and his mother, Shirley Samuels, when the subject of marriage principles - and money – became the topic of discussion.

 “He’s so frugal we’ll be good for the next 100 years”, Monique said of the couple’s financial status.

“We’re straight.”

Mama Samuels is heard saying, “They need to hook me up with some of that money.”

At one point during the celebratory meal, the couple discussed how their marriage isn’t always a walk in the park.

“There are days when I look at him and ask why the heck did I marry him? He's looking at me like, why the heck did I marry this big-mouthy behind woman?”

“True”, Chris said. "It's true. I'm agreeing with her."

Perhaps suggesting the couple could benefit from some marriage advice, Monique posed the question, “Why not look to other people who are better examples than what we had?”

While Chris' mother seems to think she’s the one the couple should go to for advice, it’s probably a safe bet that neither Chris, nor Monique, has asked his mother for such advice.

“They problem is they never asked me for advice”, said Mrs. Samuels. “And I got good advice.”

There were a few more moments between the Samuels women, including one where mother-in-law suggested her daughter-in-law “get a job.”

"She better think about who pay for the babies", she said when finding out the couple has planned for two more children.

"I just telling you, or all of you, my definition of marriage", Mama Samuels. "Marriage is thick and thin."

"I'm sure everyone has their own definition of marriage", said Monique.

Check out Mo rhyming. 

Feeling caught in the cross-hairs of the mother-wife exchanges Chris intervened, thanking everyone for coming and ending the dining experience by saying, “We gotta get movin’.

As the family left, Mama Samuels could be heard whispering a few more choice words about her daughter-in-law to another Samuels family member.

“Didn’t I set that heifer straight?”

Now, mothers-in-laws don't talk that way about their new in-laws unless they are feeling some sort of way.

Despite the two women trading opinions at each other Monique is hopeful she can have a decent relationship with her husband’s mother.

“Chris’ mom means something to me”, Monique said. “We should get along.”

Along with Samuels’ wife, The Real Housewives of Potomac features Charrisse Jordan, the wife of former Washington Wizards coach Eddie Jordan. The separated couple lives apart; Eddie in New Jersey and Charrisse choosing to remain in the DC area while she deals with the couple’s impending divorce.  

The show airs Sundays on Bravo TV. Check local listing for air times.