Jordan, Jabbar, Scully receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Still suave, still debonair, the Michael Jordan of Michael Jordan-ness took to the stage Tuesday afternoon in the East Room of the White House to receive his Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama. Jordan joined the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Diana Ross, Cecily Tyson, Bruce Springsteen, Bill and Melinda Gates, Robert DeNiro, Vin Scully and other American icons and trailblazers in the final Medal of Freedom ceremony with Barack Obama as president of the United States.

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Jordan won six NBA Championships with the Chicago Bulls and was lauded by the president for being "more than just..."

"The definition of someone so good at what they do, that everyone recognizes it. And that's rare." - President Obama

Said President Obama, "He's more than a logo, more than just an Internet meme. More than just a charitable donor or a business owner committed to diversity.  There is a reason you call someone "the Michael Jordan of"; Michael Jordan of neurosurgery, or the Michael Jordan of rabbis, or the Michael Jordan of outrigger canoeing, and they know what you're talking about.  Because Michael Jordan is the Michael Jordan of greatness.  He is the definition of somebody so good at what they do that everybody recognizes them.  That’s pretty rare."

As mentioned, Jordan stood along side other medal recipients, but not quite shoulder-to-shoulder with Karem Abdul-Jabbar who was honored not only for his intelligence on the basketball court, but off.

"But the reason we honor Kareem is more than just a pair of goggles and the sky hook.  He stood up for his Muslim faith when it wasn't easy and it wasn’t popular.  He's as comfortable sparring with Bruce Lee as he is advocating on Capitol Hill or writing with extraordinary eloquence about patriotism.  Physically, intellectually, spiritually Kareem is one-of-a-kind, an American who illuminates both our most basic freedoms and our highest aspirations", said Obama.

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Watch the full ceremony of recipients here, including the supreme-reigning Diana Ross - who made sure her dress was lowered off the shoulder just right as she accepted her medal from President Obama.