Broner's brawn aids in defeat over Theophane

The  ‘answer’ over who would win the Broner-Theophane WBA matchup came from ‘The Problem’ himself during Friday evening’s light-welterweight boxing at the DC Armory with a Broner TKO just 1:10 into the ninth round of a 12-round contest. 

Fight pics: Roundbyrouund boxing.
Earlier in the week Broner had said the fight would be over by the fourth round, but instead gave D.C.’s sold-out crowd of 8,172 the show they came for.  Theophane (39-6-2, 11 KOs) was really no match for Broner (33-2-25 KOs) who fought meticulously and strategically throughout. Theophane, to his credit,  fought well enough to carry him through each round, but that only seemed to amuse the 26 year-old Broner.  

By the much talked about fourth round Theophane, 35, to his credit, was still on his feet but had taken enough punishment by Broner that his left eye was swollen.  By the ninth round a Broner body shot and right hook was all referee Luis Pabon needed to halt the match that would save Theophane from any more Broner beatdown.

Theophane resisted Pabon’s decision as he knew Friday was his chance to win the coveted WBA title since Broner couldn’t after failing to make the required 140 lb. weight. (Broner tipped the scale at 104.4).

"No way should that have gotten stopped, said Theophane. "It's a shame the referee did that. I was telling him 'I'm okay, I'm okay', then he waived it off. I don't know what he was thinking."  

Photo credit:  Roundbyrouund boxing.

Seemingly though, Theophane did everything right leading up to the fight.   He arrived at press conferences on time.  He respectfully spoke to the media, answering questions about himself and his opponent.  He didn’t have antics at Walmart with cashiers, didn’t bash his opponent’s team members (and owner) and he met the 140 weight requirement. He trained hard and fought hard to win but in the end just wasn’t a match for the fighter a decade younger than him.

Theophane's post-fight interview; talks low blow and referee.

[WATCH:  Full fight here.]
Photo credit: Premiere Boxing Champions (PBC)

[WATCH: Broner's post-fight interview]

Theophane took to Twitter to explain how he felt, showing a picture of a him with a punch to the left side of Broner’s face.

“Action packed fight. Shame it was stopped prematurely.” 

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Broner leaves Washington with a win (and a pat on the back – from himself) but returns to his home town of Ohio where he’s facing charges for robbery and an assault.

“As you know, I’ve been going through a lot and for me to come in here and bottle everything up and do what I did, I want to give myself a pat on the back”, said Broner.

[WATCH:The first DC Broner-Theophane presser.  The weigh-in.]

Broner gave a shout out to his opponent Ashley Theophane, calling him “tough” and already hinted who he wanted his next opponent to be.

“Somebody that I look up, someone that I admire took the chance to do an interview and talk bad about me”, Broner said.  “I’m a man, Floyd has got to see me.”

Yet, it wasn’t that long ago that Broner spoke ‘bad’ about Floyd.


**Update**  April 4, 2:30.

Broner turns himself in, released on bond.   He IG'd about it.  See it here and here.


Peterson, Easter, Love score wins

D.C.’s Anthony Peterson (37-1, 24 Kos) defeated Baltimore’s Ghanaian Samuel Neequaye (22-2, 15 KO) by unanimous decision in their ten-round matchup Friday night. (See post-fight interview here.)

With the win, Peterson again solidifies himself as a premiere fighter ready for the challenger.  During the pre-fight press conference Peterson told the assembled media that “Come April 1st, it’s going down.”

Peterson, scoring a perfect 10 from Judge Wayne Smith, won the contest with continuous body blows to a tough, relentless Neequaye who left his mark on Peterson giving the D.C. contender a shiner on his left eye.  

J’Leon Love won a fifth-round TKO over Michael Gbenga. Gervontae 'Tank' Davis defeated Guillermo Avila in the sixth round, delivering two upper cuts that delivered a referee-ending contest.

Robert Easter vs Algenis Mendez (Photos: PBC)

Easter put one on Mendez as he tries to recall what happened.

"I don't have any excuses, I honestly don't really remember what exactly happened. I'm glad that I feel fine physically, that's the most important thing right now", said Mendez.

"Robert Easter is a good fighter, he did really well and I wish him the best in his career."