Redskins need to be a little more "epic", and a lot less "basic"

The 3-7 Washington Redskins: defeaters of the the 6-3 Dallas Cowboys, fresh off a Bye week, yet losers to a team that has only won one game this season - the former 1-8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The team struggled early in Sunday's game with crucial turnovers. Notably, a pass from RGIII was tipped by the Bucs and returned for a 19 yard touchdown.

Redeeming himself, the Redskins' quarterback - on the field for the second game since Colt McCoy helped the team beat the Cowboys two weeks ago - connected with Roy Helu, Jr. for a thirty-yard touchdown.  That would be the only successful scoring drive of the game as the team fell 27-7.

Griffin was sacked more than five times.

The loss put the team at 3-8, reminiscent of the Jim Zorn, Jason Campbell, Albert Haynesworth era, once again leaving fans, and several sports radio personalities, voicing their opinions on the unsightly scene at FedEx Field.

Former Redskin, and current contributor to CSN, Brian Mitchell revealed his utmost disgust with the team's continued ineptness and inability to win games.

Mitchell iterated (what many, including fans, have known for several years) that "they SUCK", and are "terrible."

Said Mitchell, "This team has SUCKED over the last few years.  And as a former player I'm embarrassed to watch this junk over and over again", he said.

"Play some damn football.  You sucked on the field today, and you know who you are."

Mitchell didn't mince words (we wouldn't want it any other way) and went in on everyone:  the team collectively, individual players, and the quarterback who repeatedly claims the team's losses are "on him", but at the same time says, other quarterbacks (like Brady and Rogers) "don't play well when their guys don't play well"?

Mitchell didn't name names, but NFL sports talk radio host Rich Eisen did a lot of 'insinuating'.

Listen in as he discusses the team's loss, RGIII's constant 'questionable' comments, and whether a replacement QB - in DC - should be on the horizon.

Gruden still hoping his team finds its groove

Addressing the media today, head coach Jay Gruden also had a few sound bites about the team and its QB, suggesting everyone needs to get better, and the QB just needs to "worry about himself."

Said Gruden to reporters today,“Well, first of all Robert needs to understand he needs to worry about himself, No. 1, and not everybody else. It’s his job to worry about his position, his footwork, his fundamentals, his reads, his progressions, his job at the quarterback position. It’s my job to worry about everybody else. And, yes, everybody else needs to improve. There’s no question about it. But it’s not his place. His place is to talk about himself and he knows that. He just elaborated a little bit too much and, you know, he will learn from it. He is 24 years old and he wants everything to be perfect around him and yesterday was far from perfect", said Gruden on Griffin.

"He’s got to improve, the offensive line has to improve, everybody has to improve – myself. I mean, you’re 3-7, if you can point to one person when you are 3-7, that’s easy. But you can’t. Everybody has their hand in it and we’ve got to fight our way out of it. We’ve got to continue to prepare, like I said. We’ve got to be consistent ion our preparation, our work ethic and eventually we will get out of it. But if we start pointing fingers and throwing stones, we have no chance. So we are going to squash all this stuff now and continue to get better and beat San Francisco.”

Beat San Francisco. A lofty goal - indeed.

Because as DeSean Jackson's Instagram message revealed, "You can't do epic 'ish' with basic people."

And all the fans have been asking for - for the last several years - is a little more epic and a lot less basic.  (And put Santana back in the game!!  Will you!?)

Twitter wars

Gruden was asked about Jackson's social media rant and had this response.

“Yeah, I addressed a couple of messages today that got turned around a little bit. I don’t know exactly what DeSean meant. I think he was frustrated a little bit with what came out about Robert [Griffin III]. I think one of the headlines was, ‘Robert throws team under the bus,’ was one of the things that I read. Robert, whatever he said after the post game got twisted around a little bit, and I addressed it today in the meeting room."

Robert took to his own social media account to explain.

Said Gruden, "It’s our job in-house as players and coaches to make sure we say the right things and not let your words get twisted by the media or anybody, not give anyone the opportunity to do that. Otherwise, it’ll be ‘He said, she said,’ things and there’ll be Twitter wars, social media events that will get out of control. We’ve got to put a stop to it now.”