Washington Kastles: Honestly, aren't they the best hometown tennis team ever?!

What can you say?   

The Washington Kastles are starting their 2014 season in the right fashion - with a win, of course.  No DC down pour could stop them.

The Kastles defeated the Bostons Lobsters 24-16.

The Kastles (1-0) have now won 13 consecutive matches and 47 of their last 49 overall. Washington overcame two lengthy rain delays to emerge victorious five minutes after midnight, extending its winning streak over Boston to 11 matches.

Here's the score.

Washington Kastles 24, Boston Lobsters 16 

Men's Doubles: Leander Paes/Bobby Reynolds (Kastles) def. Eric Butorac/Rik de Voest (Lobsters) 5-4

Women's Doubles: Jarmila Gajdosova/Anastasia Rodionova (Kastles) def. Megan Moulton-Levy/Caitlin Whoriskey (Lobsters) 5-2

Men's Singles: Bobby Reynolds (Kastles) def. Rik de Voest (Lobsters) 5-3

Women's Singles: Anastasia Rodionova (Kastles) def. Caitlin Whoriskey (Lobsters) 5-1

Mixed Doubles: Eric Butorac/Megan Moulton-Levy (Lobsters) def. Leander Paes/Jarmila Gajdosova (Kastles) 5-3

Overtime: Leander Paes/Jarmila Gajdosova (Kastles) 1, Eric Butorac/Megan Moulton-Levy (Lobsters) 1

Will the Kastles continue their season-start winning ways tonight?

Washington Kastles at Texas Wild Preview
Kastles Have Not Forgotten How Wild Ended 34-Match Streak  

Washington Kastles (1-0) at Texas Wild (2-0)
Tuesday, July 8 at 8:30 pm
All-Time: Kastles tied with Wild 4-4
Kastles Streak: 13 straight wins overall




sharon33 said…
Yes! They are rolling!