Germany - World Cup Champions - Again

With an extra time strike, and more than 113 minutes of playing time, Germany defeated Argentina with just one point to win the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.

Mario Götz scored the winning point to give Germany their 4th title, since 1990.

Historic win for Germany
Happy times for German Chancellor Angela Merkel (and a fine upcoming July 17th birthday present) who was present at the event, as was South African president Jacob Zuma, Russian president Vladimir Putin, and US basketball player (and streaker watcherLebron James who tweeted "greatest sporting event I've ever been to", to the amazement of some. All were VIP guests that also included Wyclef Jean, Ashton Kutchner, and Giselle Buchon.

2014 FIFA World Cup guest list, Game 64 - Brasil v Germany.