The San Antonio Spurs are the new NBA Champions

An amazing series for two dominate NBA teams.

The Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs met each other last year in the Finals, but this time - this time -- a new Champion prevailed.

Call it blowout series if you want. 

The Miami Heat, owners of three Championship wins; two back-to-back (2012, 2013), lost the series, winning only a single game.

"How good is this Spurs team and the way they battle and compete and never let up?", asked one sports reporter during Game 5.

Good enough to win Game 1, Games 3, and 4, and then...

With coaching from Greg Popovich, who encouraged his team to "keep pounding", "keep pounding", "don't let them back in", the Spurs rose to the occasion to claim what they saw as theirs, defeating the Miami Heat dynasty in five of seven games, 105-87, to clinch it all.

A sweet accomplishment after a heart breaking loss in Game 7 last year to the hot Miami team.

Said LeBron James, who scored 31 after the loss - versus Spurs' MVP Kawhi Leonard's 22, "Just wanted to inspire my teammates. Obviously, I didn't do enough." 

[And please people, no James v Jordan comparisons.  The Heat lost. Period. End of story.]

San Antonio Spurs claim the 2014 NBA Championship.  Getty photo.
There's a good video of the Spurs and Tim Duncan, the team's formidable big man, and veteran, leading up to last night's victory.  Check it out here.

As for now, as Heat coach Eric Spoelstra conveyed after the game, "They are the better team. There is no other way to say it. They played great basketball, and we couldn't respond to it."


With 2014 Finals  under his belt, will Tim Duncan retire?  Will LeBron James remain in Miami, or take his talents somewhere else - again?

Will Donald Sterling ever sell the Clippers?

Stay tuned.