Happy Father's Day (Early) From Caron Butler


Butler, with wife Andrea and their daughters, Mia, Ava & Gia

After an eventful and adventurous 2013-14 NBA Season, two-time NBA All-Star forward (and former Washington Wizard) Caron Butler will continue an off-season tradition of celebrating Father's Day with his wife and children. As a father of five - three young daughters with his wife Andrea and two children from previous relationships, Father's Day is a busy day for Butler and that's the way he prefers it.

"Father's Day is especially important to me because I grew up without a father," said Butler. "Even with everything that I have accomplished throughout my career, being a father is still the most gratifying thing I've ever been able to do."
The Butler family has traveled with their father during many of his stops throughout his NBA
Butler & his son, Caron Jr

However, the family stayed in Butler's hometown of Racine, when he signed  
with Oklahoma City in late February.

This marks one of the longest times Butler has been without a home base in his career, as the family was only able to travel to see him play on occasion.

"It was very difficult not having that home base during the stretch run of this season," said Butler. "Being able to spend time with my daughters after a game just puts everything into perspective for me."

Butler and his family are exceptionally close, taking vacations during the All-Star break, and always making sure to be at the big events in each other's lives.

"It's amazing how lucky I've been to have such a great support system throughout my career," said Butler. "They're the foundation of my life and they will be long after my NBA career is over."

*Photos courtesy of Caron Butler's Instagram account (caronbutler)/  Piece by Swanson Communications.

Happy Father's Day to all the deserving fathers!