Donald Sterling says He*l no! He won't go! (Promises to fight for his team)

Awwww.  It's the NBA Playoffs and former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is missing seeing all "those beautiful Black bodies", in person, running up and down the court like he used to before he was banned for life from the National Basketball Association.

He misses seeing the Black people he says he doesn't want at his games, or his lover taking pictures with, and has changed his mind about selling his team.

Sterling with V. Stiviano courtside.

He also claims that he was stripped of his rights as a person.

"While my position may not be popular, I believe that my rights to privacy and the preservation of my rights to due process should not be trampled. I love the team and have dedicated 33 years of my life to the organization. I intend to fight to keep the team."

Really?  Your rights have been trampled upon?  You mean like the way who trampled on the rights of Black people, both on and off the basketball court, for more than twenty years?

It's too bad Sterling never learned the "do unto others as you would like done unto you" golden rule.

Sterling's wife, Shelly, and his mistress V. Stiviano may have abandoned him, but Karma, and interim CEO Dick Parsons, have moved in, and they're both staying for a while.

And by the way, DS, if you're reading this --- we're not impressed with your Black people love me tour.  

We see straight through all of that.

Update*** June 12, 2014

Sterling launches an investigation to see if other NBA officials (i.e. owners, commissioners) have said anything incendiary about African American NBA players.

We think the investigation will be successful, and in Sterling's favor.  

It wouldn't be surprising to believe that Sterling would be the only NBA owner, or front office personnel, to have said racist remarks about African Americans. 

We already know about Mark Cuban's "you're a thug" and “If I see a black kid in a hoodie, and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street" remarks.




DS: Shake Down, or Shake Up?

Proud To Be
In other 'racist' sport owner news (not that Dan Snyder is a proven racist), Native Americans continue to protest the Redskins name. An ad, airing during tonight's Game 3 of the NBA playoffs between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, illustrates Native Americans are many things, but Redskin is not one of them.

Dang, summer sports is heating up!  What's next?