Athletes Take to Social Media On Father's Day

The world of sports took to Twitter and Instagram showing their Father's Day greetings and expressions.

We've posted a few of our favs here: Redskins DeSean Jackson, ESPN's Jalen Rose, Wizards' John Wall,

 Redskins' Brian Orakpo and Niles Paul;
but by far, this Father's Day tweet is our absolute fav!!   #My motivation. #Fatherhood.

Who tweeted it?  Click here.  Absolutely beau-ti-ful!

Happy Father's Day to all the real Dads out there!  Embrace -- your #Fatherhood.

A very nice blend of 50 of the Greatest Father Day Songs.  (I'm glad Gil Scott Heron's song was included.  That's one of my all time favs.  Love that guy's music).

A Father's Day message from the Commander-in-Chief.