Concussions In Youth Sports

President Obama has started the discussion about concussions in youth and college athletes, and how to make them safer while playing sports.

Admittedly, the president (and avid sportsman) said that he, too, may have suffered a concussion while young, but didn't think much about it.

The White House Healthy Kids and Safe Sports Concussion Summit had a who's who of sport and celebrity figures to discuss and bring awareness to the issue.

The administration has gotten some heavy backing from the NFL, the NCAA, the DOD and other organizations who have committed to pledge funds to research the issue.

During this week's White House media conference call, Obama officials revealed that the NFL, in addition to the $25M already pledged, will also provide $15M more to create health and safety forums for parents, and get more trainers on site at high school games.

The NCAA and the Department of Defense will jointly commit $30 million for concussion education and a comprehensive concussion study.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has planned to invest $1M each year until 2020 to develop more advanced materials for protection against concussions. As the NFL season begins its OTAs and prepares for Summer camp across the nation, having these systems in place is another move in the advancement to prevent serious head injury, and should be applauded.