Silver Bans Sterling For Life. Clippers Respond: We Are One

Just three months into his new role as commissioner of the National Basketball Association, Adam Silver levies the maximum fine to LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling: A life-time ban, a fine of $2.5M, no NBA contact or transactions, and the sell of his team with proceeds going to organizations that have to educate people on how to be a civil human being.

Why that money won't go to people directly affected by this matter, is beyond understanding.

[Click here to listen to the Adam Silver presser.]

On a personal note, it was sad to see that celebs I have covered have been associated with Donald Sterling, and that the NAACP was about to award this person (a second time) an award for Lifetime Achievement.   Who's next, Cliven Bundy?

Present and past NBA players, and athletes in general, took to Twitter to express their agreement with Silver's decision.

I specifically enjoyed reading former Redskin player London Fletcher's tweet which suggests that he, too, is in support of Silver's decision -  even though Washington's professional football team has been under fire for years over the use of the name Redskins.

The LA Clippers, who play Game 5 in their series against the Golden State Warriors, will play on their home court tonight.  Their web site and the banner atop their stadium reads, "We Are One".

Closer to home, the Washington Wizards are hoping to lock up a series win over the Chicago Bulls. The Wizards have a 3-1 lead over the Bulls.  With a win tonight, it will be the first time in close to ten years that the franchise has advanced to the second round in the NBA Playoffs.

The NBA and American sports; it's where amazing (and not so amazing) happens.

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June 1, 2014 **Update**  You won't believe what Sterling tells his employees!!!  Click to read about it!   Are all owners of sports teams like this, or think this way?