Allen Iverson Recognized During Wizards v 76ers Half-time

Those who know basketball know the contribution that Allen Iverson, a.k.a. AI, brought to the game.

From his standout career at Georgetown University to his prominence in the NBA, Iverson was a true baller.  Playing night in and night out, Iverson gave whatever he could to the game of basketball and to his beloved Philadelphia 76ers, the team that selected him No.1 in 1996.

Saturday night, the City of Brotherly Love showed some love, one last time, for 'The Answer'.

Is that a member of Run DMC?   No.  That's A.I. in his all black everything attire,
thanking his fans one last time as his #3 jersey, deservedly, gets raised to the roof.
And, so it was a bitter-sweet moment when Iverson's #3 jersey was raised to the rafters Saturday in the hometown that put his prominent NBA career on the map.  From earning Most Valuable Player in an NBA All-Star game that hasn't seen the city of Washington, DC since 2001, to returning to his Philadelphia home-away-from-home one last time -- the Hampton, Virginia native got his due respect and well deserved honor.

Said an obviously emotional Iverson, “Y’all gonna have to show me the fool who says dreams don’t come true. Because they do.”

The 76ers lost to the Washington Wizards on the occasion, 122-103 (had to be a 3 in there somewhere). 

Said Iverson, “It’s hard to watch because I want to help,” he said of his last placed, 15-44, former team. “But it will turn around. it will happen.”

Iverson for assistant coach?    Hey, it could happen.

Iverson here with NBA Commissioner David Stern in 2001, after winning All Star MVP award.
 Coincidentally, both Iverson and Stern have retired from their respective NBA roles.

Iverson Loves The DMV
When it came to giving back to community, Iverson did just that.

Iverson awarded a lucky college or university with a sizable donation each year during the mid 2000s.  A few of the colleges included St. Augustine’s College, Johnson C. Smith College (Charlotte North Carolina), and Bowie State University in Bowie Maryland. (Our coverage here).

Iverson during his 2007 celebrity softball game against WPGC radio station.  Photo/CD Brown.
Iverson also showed his admiration for the DMV by giving back to the community through his Crossover foundation's celebrity softball games.  Iverson  held several  softball games in our area that brought to our town the likes of professional athletes, actors and actresses and entertainers (to include Ms. Patti LaBelle), all for a good cause. (Our coverage here).

For that, the DMV, and DC UrbanSports, says "thank you".

Iverson Career Highlights:  NBA Most Valuable Player Award · NBA Rookie of the Year Award · NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award

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Allen Iverson Trivia
Did you know that Iverson's initials spell out the first three of the list of vowels?  A - E - I!