"You Got Ten Guys Here" (And a Few Here) Who Don't Know What the Heck You're Talking About

Rodman's Rant In North Korea

CNN just doesn't get the fact that former NBA great Dennis Rodman is NOT on a mission to free Kenneth Bae, an American citizen convicted by North Korea on charges of planning to overthrow the North Korean government. 

Rodman may be friends with North Korea's president Kim Jong-un.  He may even have asked Jong-un, in a tweeted message, to release Bae, but  today is not the day to talk about Bae.

Rodman and 'ten guys here' try to explain that their mission in North Korea is not  for politics, but rather to just to play basketball.

View at 4:35 mark to hear Rodman 'explain' and get testy at CNN's reporter in the process.

After the exchange, everyone is talking about Rodman's rant, however; even those inside the White House.

The subject even came up in today's White House briefing as a reporter asks press secretary Jay Carney about Rodman's rant.

Q    What does the President think about Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea? 
MR. CARNEY:  I have not discussed that with him, but I can tell you a couple of things. 
Kenneth Bae on Facebook.jpg
Kenneeth Bae, formerly Pae Jun Ho
Mr. Rodman is on a private trip.  And our views about North Korea and its failure to meet its obligations have not changed.  And our views about Kenneth Bae have not changed.  So I heard about -- I did not see -- some of the comments that Mr. Rodman made, but I'm not going to dignify that outburst with a response.  I'm simply going to say that we remain gravely concerned about Kenneth Bae's health and continue to urge DPRK authorities to grant his amnesty and immediate release on humanitarian grounds.
     Q    Was there any effort by the White House or the State Department to discourage Rodman from doing this trip?
     MR. CARNEY:  This is travel that's private by nature, and we do not vet private travel to North Korea.  We have not been contacted by Mr. Rodman about this trip or his prior trip, and we do not -- the U.S. government does not vet U.S. citizens’ private travel to North Korea.
     Q    Is there any good that can come from something like this?
     MR. CARNEY:  Well, look, sports exchanges can be valuable.  Sports diplomacy can be valuable.  And it's something that we pursue in many places around the world, including through direct support.  But this is a private trip.  And our focus, when it comes to North Korea, is on sharpening the choice that that regime faces between further isolation, further economic deprivation because of its insistence upon using its resources to fund its military program and fund its nuclear ambitions, or a decision to come in line with its international obligations and taking advantage of the opportunity to rejoin the community of nations, to ease that and potentially end that isolation.  That's the very clear choice that the DPRK faces.
Bae was sentenced to 15 years in April 2013.  It is reported that he is suffering from health problems that include diabetes, high blood pressure, back issues, and possible sight issues.


Rodman sings Happy Birthday to his friend, Kim Jong-un, before the big game.  Team mate says "it all just worked out."