Redskins Got 99 Problems, and A Head Coach Is Still One


One literally finds themselves shaking their heads at the news of the latest coaching cleanse out at Redskins Park.   This is as ridiculous as it gets and leaves many wondering, yet again, why finding a winning coach to coach the Washington Redskins is so darn hard to do!

Is it age?  Is it coaching style?  Is it the players? Is it management?  Should a woman be given a chance to coach the team?  (Like Robin Roberts coming out, bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?)

Mike Shanahan joins the growing list of fired Redskin coaches. 
He was relieved of his duties on 12/30/13. 
All we know is that after embarrassing the game of professional football with a beyond pathetically putrid record of just three wins --- and thirteen losses --- the Washington Redskins are, yet again, looking to fill the position of  head coach, offensive coordinator (yes, Kyle Shanahan was given the boot as well), and several other key coaching positions within the franchise. 

Joining the list of assistant coaches who have seen their last days coaching at Redskins Park are Bobby Slowik, Keith Burns, Matt LaFleur, Richmond Flowers, Mike McDaniel, and Larry Coyer.
With the coaching record of this team, who among NFL caliber coaches would be willing to put their name (and reputation) on the line to do what six other Redskins head coaches in recent memory couldn't do?
Trying to fix that would be like trying to rid a bad smell when you don't know the smell is coming from. It would be like trying to get a wayward kid on the right track.  It would be like finding a needle in the grass at FedEx Field. 
It would be, well, difficult.
Oh, but wait!  GM, Bruce Allen thinks it won't be that difficult - not at all.
“...This is the Washington Redskins", said Allen. "This is a very high-profile team. When the Dallas Cowboys or the Washington Redskins are in first place it’s a lot of news, and when they’re in last place it’s a lot of news. I think coming into this environment, knowing that there is a nucleus, I think it will be a very attractive position to coaches. I think if you would ask coaches a lot of times would you want to take over a first-place team or a last-place team, in football, they’d say last place. Unfortunately we’re there, but I do think it’s going to be a great opportunity for a coach.”
Dude, Amazon and Jeff Bezos would have more success with its drone-powered mail order delivery system than the Redskins would at hiring a coach that can produce back-to-back successful seasons, yet alone a Super Bowl win.
Another item is the small sized thinking of the owner, Dan Snyder, whose only wish is that the team make it to the playoffs. 
Said Snyder in a statement earlier today, "...We will focus on what it takes to build a winning team, and my pledge to this organization and to this community is to continue to commit the resources and talent necessary to put this team back in the playoffs.”
Just get to the playoffs?  We've gotten to playoffs before. Until last season, Washington hasn't done that well in the playoffs once they've gotten there.   Shouldn't the thought be to 'continue to commit the resources and talent necessary to allow this team to bring home another Lombardi trophy'?!!!!!
They have three so far.
That, my dude, is the ultimate destination.  Any team can get to the playoffs (even the Redskins).  Bringing home the trophy is the only thing that matters, and is the reason for the (football) season.
C'mon, Dan Synder.  Big money (like you have to dole out every season) is suppose to think BIG.   You gotta think high-level, not eye-level (to quote Jay-Z).   

Even the franchise quarterback is thinking big things. 

"I’m looking forward to a new year and building this team back to where we know it should be", said Griffin via telephone to media members.
One last thing about today's announcement.   At least let the players know (from in-house sources) that you've fired their leader.   Don't let them find out on Twitter, or the daily news broadcast. 
That's as bad as breaking up with a boyfriend (or girlfriend) by leaving them a text message.
Bad. Just bad.
Just as bad as a 3-13 season.


On A Happier, Successful Note

Redskin tackle Trent Williams has been selected to the 2014 Pro Bowl. His teammate wide receiver Pierre Garçon, cornerback DeAngelo Hall, running back Alfred Morris and linebacker Brian Orakpo were selected as alternates to the annual contest of the NFL's best players that will take place Sunday, Jan. 26, 2013 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.

Perhaps that will help ease some of the disappointment and frustration the players have been experiencing this season.

Who wouldn't want a trip to enjoy Hawaii, right?