Will Watching This Make You Think Twice About Watching Football?

It's ba-aack.  The seemingly ever present topic of football and concussions.  

From as far back as the early 80s (maybe even longer) concussions have been a part of the sport of football.   How it's taken its toll on players is steadily, continuously, coming to light.

In this PBS documentary, League of Denial, the NFL is being scrutinized for having known all along that playing football can cause concussions.

The NFL recently settled a $765M suit by former players who claim the NFL did them wrong by hiding the fact that their profession caused them life altering concussions, or CTE (brain damage).

The NFLPA cites their only existence is to" assist former NFL players in their transition from the playing field into life after the game, while also positively impacting the communities in which they live."

Is there a disconnect?