Redskins Training Camp Ambassadors: Give Us Free! (Tickets That Is)

Ambassador: an authorized messenger or representative.

Remember when this happened to Redskins fans in 2009 where it was alleged that the Skins were selling season tickets to ticket brokers while thousands of fans were placed on waiting lists (often years in advance) to get tickets to Redskins games?

After that happened you might be inclined to believe that surely couldn't happen again, right?

Maybe not in the same light, but we've learned that several volunteers at Redskins training camp were lead to believe their service (working ten shifts or more) would garner them free tickets to an upcoming Redskins game this season.

So, why all the hoopla by the training camp volunteers (often referred to as training camp ambassadors)?

It seems somehow the ambassadors were told they'd get free tickets to a regular home game, when in fact they got tickets to a preseason game instead.  

Volunteers rearranged their work and summer schedules to endure the summer heat, excited fans, traffic, (and whatever else) to obtain these coveted positions with the promise of seeing their favorite players in a live, regular season game, so they thought.

The organization says the tickets in question are for the team's televised preseason home game next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Volunteers who can't make that game will be given tickets for another upcoming preseason game.

Is this just a misunderstanding, or yet another Redskin controversy brewing?

Ironically, this event comes on the heels of a statement RGIII made on Monday where he talked about trusting the words of the coaching staff as they navigate plans for his recovery from knee surgery leading up to his return to play.

"When you give your word to somebody that’s all they have so I’m just banking that they will stay true to their word and I’m staying true to mine. I’m doing everything they ask me to do without any gripes.”

We're betting the ambassadors are thinking the exact same thing.