Move Over Tiger: Here Comes Andrew

At just 14 years old, Andrew Walker is the youngest African American golf player to qualify for U.S. Amateur Championship.

Walker shot 69 and 71 at the Forest Akers West Golf Course tournament in East Lansing where he reached playoff contention, parring the fourth hole to qualify for the tournament.

Tiger Woods' pro golf career catapulted when he won the same tournament in 1994, at age 18, four years older than Walker.

“It’s what he’d like to do, said Andrew's father, Filmore Walker. "As African-Americans go, he knows there aren’t that many that make it (on the PGA Tour). When you have an African-American do well, it’s a cool sport. It has a positive affect. We travel around the United States and it’s apparent that there is a lack of play by African-Americans.”

Though a teen, Andrew says he's not nervous about in the prestigious U.S. Amateur.

"I’m not nervous. I’ve played in pretty big junior events but there’s no tournament that I’ve played in [that] compares to this.”

Walker tees off August 12 at The Country Club in Brookline, Mass.

Good luck Andrew.   Here's to your new career; and we'll be watching!