Mayweather and Canelo shut down Howard Theatre: Who Will Be The One?

Eight-Time, Five-Division World Champion boxer Floyd 'Money' Mayweather stopped through Washington DC yesterday to promote his September 14th SHOWTIME Pay Per View fight against Mexico’s Canelo Alverez.
Mayweather has always had the support of DC fight fans, and yesterday was no exception.

Said Floyd, "D.C. is a fight town.  It's been so kind to me in my career.  The fans have supported me here since I turned pro and today's turnout was nothing different.” 

Mayweather and Canelo square off during presser at Howard Theatre. Photos/CD Brown.

But, just like his opponents in the ring, Mayweather faced some competition from the fans of Super Welterweight World Champion Canelo Alverez during yesterday’s presser at the historic Lincoln Theatre.
Resounding shouts of Canelo!, Canelo!, Canelo permeated the newly restored theatre as fight fans became restless waiting for nearly two hours after the 1 pm scheduled appearance of the two fighters. 

Videos of both fighters blared on wide screen monitors asking ‘Who Is The One’? 
The last time Mayweather did a promo tour in DC was in 2010 at the historic Lincoln Theater on U Street when his opponent was ‘Sugar’ Shane Moseley and the catch phrase was ‘Who R U Picking’?
Mayweather went on to win over Mosley in a contest that saw little excitement, leaving fans glad for the Mayweather win, but disappointed that there were no significant knock downs or a knockout punch.

Canelo Alverez addresses fans during Tuesday fight promo tour in DC. Photos/CD Brown.

Yesterday’s presser was significantly hyped by a Latino DJ who served as the event’s ‘hype man’ and 'master of ceremony' of sorts, who went around the room selecting more Latino audience members to ask who they were proclaiming who would be the victor of the September 14th match up than he did African American audience members, in a city where boxing has seen its ups and downs as it continues to struggle to be billed as a destination fight town.    

Still, Mayweather supporters came out in droves and chanted TMT! (Mayweather's acronym for ‘The Money Team’), and Hard Work! Dedication!, a mantra that has sealed the fighter as the most winning boxer in his weight class, pound-for-pound, and the highest paid athlete of all time, in any sport, ever.

Mayweather signs autograph for fan.  Photo/CD Brown.

Even after the presser had ended Mayweather stayed for over an hour inside the theatre making sure he signed autographs for each fan who wanted one.

“I want Canelo to win, but I know Floyd will win the fight” said ‘Melissa’, a Latino attendee, who waited outside of the Howard Theatre for a closer glimpse of both Canelo and Mayweather and a chance for an autograph. 
Canelo, too, wants the win.  Saying during the presser (in Spanish) about the excitement surrounding the match, "Everything is different...big name, clever fighter.  It's the best fighter, the best venue, the best network.   Austin Trout was a good fighter, but this is different.  You can see with everyone here with the fans and the media.  It's not just a fight, but a big event.”

Fans and media surround Mayweather outside the Howard Theatre.  Photo CD Brown.

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Mayweather excited fans on the outside of the theatre by again chanting his mantra and hyping the fans even more when he asked, “Where Canelo at? I’m going to kick his [expletive].”

Canelo, who stopped briefly outside the theater to pose for fight fans and sign autographs, before jetting off in a black SUV, also signed fan autographs inside the venue.
Canelo is known for his hard punching, knock out brand of boxing; Mayweather for his quickness and precision style punches.

Fans will get a chance to see if Mayweather can withstand Canelo’s punches and if Mayweather will continue his reign as the top billing for fighters in his weight class.
The promo tour continues through several US cities, including Grand Rapids and Miami, leading up to the highly anticipated 12-round fight for Canelo's WBC, WBA and Ring Magazine Super Welterweight World Championship and Mayweather's WBA Super Welterweight Super World Championship at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. 
Who is the one you are choosing?

*[Side bar:  DC is still waiting for the multi-millionaire to show support for the city who has supported him.  How many educational, community and social programs could the Money Man help support? I’m just saying.  After all, the dude did just wager $5m on the NBA playoffs in favor of the Miami Heat].


Seen at the presser were Seth 'Mayhem' Mitchell and recently turned pro fighter, Dusty Hernandez-Harrison, both DC area fighters coming off impressive wins recently.

Said Hernandez, "I can't wait to have a day like this for me."

Update*** Fight officially SOLD OUT (in less than 24 hours).