Who Are These Girls On The Washington Mystics 2013 Roster?

If you don't recognize a lot of the players on the Washington Mystics women's 2013 basketball roster, you're not alone.  Who are these people?

The familiar faces you're used to seeing are no more: 

Alana Beard. Gone.
Chasity Melvin. Gone.
Marissa Coleman. Gone.
Nakia Sanford. Gone.

Enter 'the new girls': Ivory Latta, Kia Vaughn, Jessica Moore, and the team's second male coach in a few years, Mike Thibault - in for Trudi Lacey who was dismissed after last season.

The team's official uniforms have also changed, replacing the once-upon-a-time Mystics Logo with the WNBA's preferred way of identifying teams - company sponsorships.

Just a few familiar names round out top list of returnees:  Monique 'Mo' Currie, Crystal Langhorne, and Matee Ajavon.   Also a stable, the managing partner and team owner, Dr. Sheila Johnson.  (Did you really expect otherwise?)

After defeating the Tulsa Shock in a 'shocking' preseason exhibition, winning 95-90, (their second win in three games), the team opens up their 2013 season Sunday, June 2, at home against the Atlanta Dream team - where they'll get to show off who they really are.

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