Jason Collins and FLOTUS Ball Out At New York LGBT Fundraiser

Outed NBA player, Jason Collins, helped headline last evening's Democratic National Committee LGBT Gala where he introduced First Lady Michelle Obama.

The Obamas claim to support the LGBT community and their issues, saying it shouldn't matter "who you love".

Collins received a phone call from the president praising him for his "courage" to come out.

During last evening's event Collins lauded the First Lady saying she "is a steadfast champion for LGBT families."

First Lady Michelle Obama and Jason Collins.  Photo/CD Brown.
Collins used his platform last evening to encourage others, like him, to follow the path he's taken and admit they are homosexual.

"I hope my actions give courage to those still unsure about coming out and I hope it shows them the overwhelming amount of support that is waiting for them. If there's one thing to take away from my experience, it's that we're not alone." Adding, "The most important thing that defines a family is love."

Collins officially 'came out' in April of this year and was penned as the 'first' gay professional athlete in an article in Sports Illustrated magazine.   (Sorry, Cheryl Swoops beat you to it).

The event featured Bravo's Andy Cohen, who is also openly gay.

The topic of homosexuality in professional sports has long been a topic of debate and discussion, with comments supporting the lifestyle, to those in opposition of it.

You'll remember Miami Dolphin's Mike Wallace tweeting shortly after Collins' admission, that he doesn't "understand why men wanna mess with other men".

Most recently, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson let his feelings be known about the gay lifestyle when he said he does not support gay marriage: "That's not something I believe in" the fame player said, despite admitting he has family members who are openly gay.

Says Peterson, "To each his own."

To each his own, indeed.

Michelle Obama speaks at Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council event.

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