Serena Williams: UnSportsman Like Conduct?

Should we call Serena Williams the female John McEnroe?

Williams was seen literally smashing her tennis racket to 'smither reens' in her match against 19 year old Sloane Stephens who ended up beating Williams in the Australian Open after Williams tweaked her back. Sloane went on the defeat Williams in a stunning 3-6, 7-5, 6-4 win, to which Williams replied quite unfavorably.

Williams is ranked no. 3 in the nation.  Sloane Stephens is ranked 23.

This isn't the first time she's let her emotions get the best of her. Williams threatened to shove her racket down the throat of a line judge in a US Open semifinals back in 2009 while playing Kim Clijsters who had just returned to the game after taking time off from being a new mom.

This kind of behavior is unbecoming to a stellar athlete like Williams who has the heart and soul of young girls, including the First Daughters and First Lady Michelle Obama.

While we've seen other athletes act out in frustration, tennis is just one sport where the behaviordoesn't occur as frequently, and openly since we've past the John McEnroe years where rants and childish behavior was the norm. We hope Ms. Williams gets some help in controlling her emotions before she goes too far. After all, she has threaten to kill someone. Or did she?

#StayCoolunderpressure.  #BeEZ.

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