The Lashington Lizards? Wizards' Woes

The Washington Wizards are still without a win this season.

Having fallen to the San Antonio Spurs 92-118 last evening, the 0-12 Winless Wizards (the worst NBA record in the league this season) have sparked several Twitter ramblings and have also spawned material for local comedians - once again.

Huggy Low Down, the sharp, witty, ‘Celebrity Snitch’ joked Wednesday morning on the Tom Joyner Morning radio show that should he win this week’s Power Ball  (estimated at $500 million) he would “buy the Wizards” and “replace players” on the team “with Mitt Romney’s sons”.

On air radio personality, 'Pablo' Sato, who co-hosts WPGC’s Pablo and Free morning show on 95.5 FM joked that the Wizards are the “Lashington Lazards”: all Ls and no Ws (wins).

Still, the Wizards' head coach, Randy Wittman, suggests the team has a game plan.

“We know what to do, it’s just not reacting and doing it”, said Whitman.

Enter Nike slogan: Just DO IT!

... because fans, and those watching, so wish you would!

Meanwhile... Wizard fans, and those who come to town to see the Wizards play winning teams, can find Wizards tickets for under a buck on sites like Stub Hub.

The Washington Wizards will host the Portland Trailblazers tonight before facing the New York Knicks on Friday and the Miami Heat on next Tuesday, December 4th.

The Wizards are also hosting a kids mini camp, December 26-28.  The camp is open to aspiring male and female basketball players aged 8-15 where they will be taught basketball fundamentals.

In the spirit of the Holiday season, and because we want kids to succeed at their endeavors, we won't mention that some of those fundamentals are sorely lacking and should be retaught to the Washington Wizards.



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