MC Hammer At Fight For Children Gala!

Anyone who knows me knows I am STILL a big MC Hammer fan.

I was thrilled to learn that Hammer was performing at this year's annual Fight For Children 'Fight Night'.

Here he is performing You Can't Touch This. Granted he doesn't move like he used to, but he can still move a crowd.

He also performed my favorite MC Hammer song, Too Legit To Quit (in my opinion his best song, hands down). The original video is below.

Hammer is a long time friend of the Joseph E. Robert Fight for Children, the organization that champions causes for under served children in our by bringing together the worlds of sports, politics, entertainment and business for a common cause.

We've seen several celebrities at the event over the years, including actor Chris Tucker, producer Baby Face Edmonds, along with DC athletes and political types. The event also brings together former boxing greats boxing eras gone by: Ken Norton, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ray Mancini, Buster Douglas, and Gerry Cooney. We even scored an interview with the legendary Larry Holmes last year.

I commend these guys for giving their time and effort each and every year. It's a great gathering, a lot of fun. I just wish it was cigar and smoke free. (Who smokes inside anymore?)

By the end of the entertainment, auctions, and dance routines by the Washington Redskin cheerleaders each year, the crowd usually thins out by the time the live boxing takes place. This year, the powerhouse that is, Bayan Jargal (aka The Mongolian Mongoose) laid out former IBF Featherweight champion Eric "Mighty Mouse" Aiken of DC in just two minutes of the first round.

Again, great event (needs to be smoke-free); and as you can see by the latest tweet from the organization, it raised a lot of m-o-n-e-y!

Learn more about the organization that Joe Robert built at