Wizards' Wall Out With Stress Injury

This John Wall mix tape may be the only way John Wall fans can get to see the No. 1 Draft pick shake and bake this pre and regular season.

In the video below, Wall shows off his explosive basketball prowess that led to the Washington Wizards selecting him in the first place.


As the team plans to begin their 2012 training camp this coming week (Oct 2-Oct 9) at GMU, Wizard fans found out that the star point guard will be out for at least 6-8 weeks with a stress fracture in his left knee.

What a blow for the Washington Wizards who already had a dismal year with JWall, only to find out they have to start the season further behind the 8 ball without him.

Still, team VP Ernie Grunfeld is looking for that silver lining, or lemonade, after life just handed him what seems to be a bushel full of lemons.

"We're all disappointed for John after how hard he worked this summer and how excited he was to begin training camp, but we feel fortunate that we caught the injury early and that he will be able to return with the vast majority of the season still in front of us," said Grunfeld. "In the meantime, we're confident that the versatility and depth of our team will help us move forward and continue the positive momentum that we've seen over the past several months."

Said Wall on his injury, "My teammates and I are all excited to build on the improvement we made at the end of last season, and I know they will continue to make great progress while I get through this setback. I will work extremely hard to make sure I get back as soon as possible so I can re-join them and help our team continue to improve."

The Wizards begin their regular season against the Cleveland Cavaliers in a town that still hasn't recovered from their separation with this guy - and its fan base still has an axe to grind.

This season, the Wizards will have to grind, and grind hard in order to compete in the big boy league that is the NBA.

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Prior to his injury, Wall made an appearance at Simon Elementary school in DC were students were thrilled to see the player.

**Update** Wizards sign point guard Jannero Pargo.  Early season up to Bradley Beal and Pargo?