As the DNC Convention Gets Started Athletes Rally Votes For Obama

Athletes are showing, once again, their support for President Barack Obama. Several NBA and WNBA players held a voting registration event for the incumbent president in New York City last week. Even NBA great Michael Jordan, and NBA Commissioner David Stern were in attendance at a formal event honoring the occasion.

Who knew Jordan voted Democratic?
Washington Wizards' forward John Wall had the following to say about his support for President Obama.

“I think it's a great cause and for all of us basketball players to come out here and support the President...[it] means a lot. The middle class and lower class he's trying to get better jobs for them. It doesn't all happen in four years. It may take eight years to really get us where we need to go. I honestly don't know why people think athletes are afraid of politics - we're not afraid. It's just that sometimes we want to be careful not to say the wrong thing, but we're definitely not afraid. You see by all of us being involved here today that we aren't afraid.”

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