Miami Heat Celebrate Championship Win

The Miami heat swept by the Oklahoma Thunder in Game 5, 121-106, to win the 2012 NBA Championship. 

The Heat are the first NBA champion to have trailed three in three of their playoff series. They were down 2-1 to Indiana, 3-2 to Boston, and 1-0 to Oklahoma City.

The team celebrated their win at Miami's Liv nightclub, to the tune of $200,000.

This is what winning a Championship looks like.

This is what celebrating a Championship looks like.
Miami Heat's Big 3 celebrate winning the 2012 NBA Championship

VIDEO:  Team Heat celebrates.

Oh, the commaradie of Championship friends. Looks like they'll paying a visit to the White House soon.  President Obama congratulated the team and coach Eric Spoltra on their win
For the Oklahoma Thunder, there's always next year.

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