Vote For The Greatest Redskin Ever

In honor of the Washington Redskins’ 80th anniversary, the team announced today that fans can vote for the “10 For 80” honor in which 10 players will be selected to join the 70 Greatest Redskins to create the 80 Greatest Redskins of All Time. This will mark the first time in Redskins history that fans can vote for the Greatest Redskins of All Time.

A blue ribbon panel identified 80 greatest Redskins finalists who represent every position on the team, as well as Pro Football Hall of Famers, members enshrined in the team’s Ring of Fame, team record holders and dozens of others who have worn the burgundy and gold.
Fans can vote more than once for the 10 players they would like to see join the elite list of former Redskins greats online at Prizes will be awarded to fans throughout the fan voting stage. Voting continues for 80 days, ending on July 29.
The panel consists of former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw and Redskins Historian Mike Richman, as well as three members of the 70 Greatest, defensive end Charles Mann, quarterback Joe Theismann and kicker Mark Moseley.
At the conclusion of fan voting, the panel will add their votes. The combined votes will yield the 10 players who will join the exclusive group of former Redskins greats, named in 2002, to be honored as the 80 Greatest Redskins of All Time.

The panel will announce the “10 For 80” winners at the annual Redskins Welcome Home Luncheon in August.
The following criteria were used in the selection process in 2002 and will also apply in 2012:
- Players and head coaches are eligible
- On-field performance
- Players or head coaches must have played or coached a minimum of three seasons with the Redskins
- Active NFL players are eligible, but any current team member must have spent at least 10 years with the team to be eligible

New criteria for the 2012 vote for the “10 For 80” includes:
- Assistant coaches are eligible for consideration
- Team administrators are eligible for consideration

A few players nominated include the following wide receivers.

Wide Receivers

Gary Clark                            WR                         1985-92

Wayne Milner                      E                             1936-41, 45

Bobby Mitchell                    FL                           1962-68

Art Monk                              WR                         1980-93

Ricky Sanders                      WR                         1986-93

Charley Taylor                     WR                         1964-77

Hugh (Bones) Taylor          E                             1947-54

The 80 Greatest Redskins of All Time will be honored at the 80th Anniversary Gala this fall and at the homecoming game between the Redskins and Carolina Panthers on Nov. 4. The 80th Anniversary is also being commemorated with alternate uniforms, which will be worn at two home games this season.

Interestly enough, news Art Monk being included as one of the greatest Redskin of all time comes just as the Hall of Famer wide receiver plans to sue the NFL and helmet maker Riddell over his lingering symptoms from concussions.

Talk about good luck and get well being appropriate sentiments at this time.