Beckham (and His underwear ) Honored at the White House

"Soccer is mostly about having fun."  - David Beckham

If you missed sexy underwear model... uh, hem...  I mean LA Galaxy soccer star, David Beckham, at the White House last week, no worries.   You can watch him below (White House video).    David and his MLS teammates were honored by President and Mrs. Obama at the White House for winning the 2012 MLS Championship.  It is their third championship.

"They're the Miami Heat of soccer", President Obama called them.

The Heat-like, handsome, players shared what their favorite fun activities are, and what their favorite healthy snacks are.  

Beckham, who the inquisitive youth gravitated toward the most, was asked by St. Louis student, DeMantre Bledsoe, "what it took to become the man he is today."
Watch the video below for his answer, and as he reveals his 'favorite things'.

The team captain of the championship LA Galaxy is former DC United player, Landon Donovan - who scored the winning championship goal (every athlete does well when they leave DC sports, don't they?) - who admonished the youngsters to "find something they're the passionate about" doing.

"Whether it's sports, reading, writing, math or science, find something you enjoy doing.   I think you'll go a long way in life."

Currently, DC United is ranked #3 in the Eastern Conference;  the LA Galaxy, 7th.