Out and Redskins Park: Both the 2012 Schedule and a Player Released?

The Redskins released their 2012 schedule earlier this week, with the team facing its storied rival, the Dallas Cowboys, on Thanksgiving Day.

Even that news wasn't the biggest story line coming out of the Redskins Park this week.

It was the news that their most productive receiver from 2011, Jabar Gaffney, may be traded (or cut) from the team.

Gaffney took to radio land, in a series of interviews, to explain the details. One such interview involved a conversation on the LeVar and Dukes show on 1067 The Fan DC.

If you can get through the host of the show talking about his own salary, you can hear the Redskin receiver try to explain his rationale behind the Redskins strategy. (Possibly his latest Twitter rants about his ex-wife, his wedding anniversary, and more may have been the catalyst behind said 'strategy').

Obviously the dude was going through some painful relationship issues and he took to Twitter to release those pinned up emotions. (Listen up soon-to-be wed players, before you take that plunge).

Go ahead Jabbar, tell us how you really feel.

Who needs a Shrink and a sofa when there's Twitter? Unfortunately venting on Twitter comes with some serious consequences.

After Gaffney's TR (Twitter rants), for a second time, Gaffney claimed his Twitter account was hacked.

Seemingly (or coincidentally) he was shortly thereafter informed by Skins head coach, Mike Shanahan, that he did not have to participate in the team's volunteer workouts, and that perhaps the team was trying to move in another direction replace the receiver, even though he led the team in receptions and touchdowns last season.

Listen in, then decide.

Obviously, we don't like the fact that the Redskins would release such a talent, and we also understand that Tweeting your every thought (at least under your own name) for the entire world to see, may not always be in your best interest.

We hope Gaffney now understands this as well.

By the way at the time of article publishing Jabar Gaffney, with 947 receiving yards to his credit, is still listed on the Redskins team roster. Same as this guy.