What's In Store For Gilbert Arenas?

The NBA's zero-to-hero, and back-to-near-zero former Washington Wizard standout opens up in a recent Sports Illustrated article about what it's like being Gilbert Arenas these days.

Gilbert was released from the Wizards in January of 2010 after having a gun in the Wizards' locker room. He talks about how he thinks DC will just remember him as the person that caused so much turmoil within the organization.

Photo: Gilbert Arenas: Former Wizards star, former Orlando Magic, and current shadow of his former self just wants to be 'normal'.
"When I got amnestied, I could've just taken the money and just left, and just basically said, "Hey, you guys did me a favor. I don't want to be crucified anymore." As much as I've done for fans and for people, it sucks the way the world works. You can do a hundred things for people, but you do one bad mistake and everyone crucifies you and that's all they want to remember. They don't want to remember I gave my own money to the D.C. school district and built up the D.C. school district. They don't want to remember none of that. They just want to remember, Oh, I single-handedly destroyed the Washington Wizards franchise. It sucks, but that's the way it is."
Released from the Orlando Magic last December, Arenas also talks about his depression, his new-found 'profession', and his obsession with the game he still loves.

Read more of the article here to find out what Arena's life is like now, including if (and when) he'll make a return to the NBA.

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