Muhammad Ali's 70th Birthday Celebration Gets Presidential Recognition

But what about...?

Celebrities came out in full force this past Saturday: Diddy, Terence Howard, David Beckham, Anthony Hopkins, Manny Pacquiao, Lenny Kravitz, Cee Lo Green - the list goes on.

You can read the ESPN article about the Vegas 70th birthday celebration for Muhammad Ali this past Saturday night here.

Stevie Wonder also made an appearance at the birthday celebration (and fundraiser), after performing earlier in Newark, New Jersey.

Ali also received birthday well wishes from President Obama (via satellite) where he said to the champion fighter, "Happy birthday, champ. As a fighter, you were something spectacular. You shocked the world, and you inspired it, too. And even after all the titles and legendary bouts, you're still doing it."

It gets crazy after this.

Added the president, "Without Muhammad Ali, there wouldn't have been an Obama. There wouldn't have been a mixed-race president."

What the xkdjfdk?

What does Ali have to do with race mixing? I'm waiting for someone to explain that to me.

But more important, where is the public acknowledgement of Whitney Houston's death from President Obama? Was there one at all?

Not to take away from celebrating the life of arguably the greatest boxer of all time on his 70th birthday, but what about a presidential celebration for the life of Whitney Houston?

And since he's talking race mixing, Houston did star along side Kevin Costner in the blockbuster movie The Bodyguard.

I still can't figure out how this president chooses to recognize some, while not saying a thing about others. At least not publicly.

We know he's an avid sports fan, but I'll bet he's heard a few Whitney Houston songs in his lifetime, too.

I'll bet he's even heard the song The Greatest Love of All, originally written for Ali by George Benson, but remade by Whitney Houston.

I'll even bet he watched her funeral Saturday afternoon on CNN, just like Muhammad Ali did, before his Power of Love birthday celebration.

Having said that, it begs the question: Where's the love, Mr. President? Where is the love - for Whitney Elizabeth Houston?