Lin Lives and Breathes In New York!

After scoring 38 points in last week's game to give the New York Knicks another thrilling and sensational win, their on-fire point guard Jeremy Lin does it again - this time hitting a buzzer-beating three-pointer to give his team a 90-87 win over the Toronto Raptors with just .05 left on the shot clock.

The former D-League player who has gained the starting NBA point guard position after just five games, now has the admiration of millions of adoring fans, and is on the radar of another heavily recognized public figure the world over, President Barack Obama.

Press Secretary Jay Carney, talking to reporters en route to the president's visit in Milwaukee today had this to say, on behalf of the president.

"It’s just a great story and the president was saying as much this morning. Obviously terrific for the New York Knicks but it’s the kind of sports story that transcends the sport itself", Carney said. “It’s a great story and yes, he’s very impressed and fully up to speed. I know he’s watched Lin play already and he’s seen the highlights from last night’s game.”

Suffice it say it has been the start of a very good year for Lin. From sleeping on the couch of a friend, to most recently getting his own new digs, to shooting his way into the hearts of basketball fans everywhere.

Lin fans in the Washington, DC area, however, will have to wait until Friday, April 13th to witness the so-called Lin-sanity, or just travel up the 95 corridor to see the next five home games at MSG (before taking on the Heat in Miami) to witness the air up there for themselves.

Speaking of the 'air up there', wasn't there another famously known NBA player (oh say, around the 1980s) who also got cut from a team before becoming an world-wide NBA sensation?