Devin Thomas Is "Goin' To the Super Bowl!"

"First off I must thank the man up stairs for blessing me and keeping me humble and faithful thru all the adversity in my career. This Is why I wanted to make it to the NFL to have a shot at a world championship. I love my brothers on this team and the moment is now! ALL IN BABY! Shout out to everyone that has wished for my success. ONE LOVE to my people back home and my Spartan Dawgs! GMEN fans... We Goin to the SUPERBOWL!"
That's a quote from the Facebook page of New York Giants' wide receiver, Devin Thomas who had to significant plays to help his team gain rights to another Super Bowl.

Play No. 1.

Thomas took off with the bowl into the 49er endzone after seeing the ball just barely graze the leg of San Francisco's Kyle Williams and later bounce onto the field.

It was the perfect move in a perfect storm.

Said Thomas after the game, "When they missed the call and said it was their ball, I told Coach right away, ‘Throw the flag, throw the flag.’ ”

Thomas would prove his worth again, (Play No. 2) this time, securing the ball late in the fourth quarter after Jacquian Williams stripped the ball from Kyle Williams where it would bounce to ground.

Guess who was there to recover?

"And when I saw the ball on the ground, I didn’t want to try to do too much, just make sure I fell on the ball", explained Thomas who, just year, was cut from the Washington Redskins.

The Giants gained the victory, and Thomas gained a game ball worth remembering.

“This ball I’m not giving up.”

New York defeated the 49ers 20-17 in a game that saw the DC area's favorite San Franciso 49er, Vernon Davis scored two touchdowns on the day.


The neighboring Baltimore Ravens saw their Super Bowl hopes dashed after losing 20-23 to the New England Patriots.

“We were definitely a better team this year than we were by far the past two years,” linebacker Jarrett Johnson added. “We’re a more complete team, more mature team, more talented. It’s disappointing.”

Fans across the DMV feel the same way.

Out at Redskins Park (Abbreviated Version)
Redskins hired Raheem Morris as Defensive Backs Coach.

The Redskins have also hired Ike Hilliard as the team’s Wide Receivers Coach. In addition, the team announced that Bob Slowik will move to Linebackers Coach after having coached the team’s secondary for the past two seasons.