Rude Jude v Money May

Sometimes I love 'Rude' people.

Mayweather takes on radio DJ 'Rude Jude', who called the 'money man' on the carpet, saying he was ducking fighting Manny Pacquiao.

Jude also told Mayweather his HBO 24/7 episodes are "more interesting" than his actual fights.

In response, Mayweather said, "We always rise to the occasion".

We're hoping he does and can offer up a bout with Manny P.

Listen to the interview here.

WARNING: Strong language.


In other Mayweather news, Mayweather has offered to pay for the funeral services of former boxer Joe Frazier, who passed Monday, November 7th at the age of 67 with liver cancer.

"My condolences to the Frazier family. The MoneyTeam will pay for his Funeral service", tweeted Mayweather.


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