It's Desperation Time for the Washington Redskins!

One almost feels sorry for Mike Shanahan. Almost.

There he is speaking to the media after each game: Stern faced, posturing, trying to defend the reason why the team he commands has lost, yet again.

His soldiers have grown weary. A few have gone down for the count. A few are mad behind the team's loss Sunday to a winningless Miami.

Shanahan is struggling. The fans see it. The media sees it. And deep down inside the two-time Super Bowl winning coach knows it.

He’s over his head. He’s in too deep. It isn't just the fact that he doesn’t have the pieces he needs to get the job done, week-to-week, game-after-game.

It's the fact that he doesn't know how to use what he's got in front of him.

Shanahan's reached the lowest point in his coaching career with the Washington Redskins, twice. And the season isn’t even over yet.

After a complete 0-23 shut out by the Buffalo Bills two weeks ago, Shanahan has logged yet another career low; this time losing five straight games in a row. (Two to teams with 1-6 records).

Shanahan’s posturing with the media, his secretive manner about team’s inner goings on, may just be defense mechanisms used to cover up the fact that he just isn’t that good of a coach afterall here in Washington.

He has yet to build a strong, cohesive unit, able to score touchdowns to win games.

The Washington Redskins continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL, and the commander in chief continues to claim he is making the decisions that give this team “the best chance to win football games.”

Another ‘decision’. Another week. Another loss.

Granted, he didn’t say he’s making the right decisions that will give the team the chance to win football games. He just said ‘decisions’.

It’s time Shanahan stopped using that phrase.

We aren’t winning football games. And just as Santa doesn’t bring gifts to children who have been naughty throughout the year, the NFL doesn’t reward losing teams with a chance at the Playoffs.

And Papa Johns doesn’t give free pizza toppings to fans of losing football teams.

How To Win
We've tried getting rid of players that don't work, getting rid of quarterbacks that don't work. In the past, we've even gotten rid of coaches that haven't work.

If we were to try those things, I'd bet on getting Terrell Owens as running back.

If we are making a coaching change, I'd bet on getting Joe Paterno. He's got a 43 year winning track record.

Just hide the young folk.

At this point, we need to try anything, and everything.

It's desperation time.

Just try.