In Front of Alumni (and Die Hard Fans), Skins Lose Yet Another One

"Gaining valuable experience", the Redskins lose to San Francisco today 11-19, after an impressive Redskins pregame alumni presentation at FedEx Field.

Redskins alumni align the sideline at FedEx Field.

Despite the loss, missed tackles, fumbles and passes the team's head coach, Mike Shanahan, tells reporters, "We played hard", and feels his team "had a great effort out there."

Shanahan is so sure of his team (at least in public) he further tells the media, that even though they've lost the last 4 straight games in a row, his team is "gaining valuable experience."

With a look of trepidation on his face, a fan contends he loves his Redskins.
Photo/Aaron J. for DC UrbanSports.

Shanahan explains his mindset here:
As I tried to point out, there is going to be inconsistencies when you move a lot of people around to different positions. You could see that inconsistency today but these guys are gaining valuable experience. Not only the quarterback, but also the wide receivers, the running backs… Eventually it’s going to pay dividends when some of these young guys get some playing time. As a group, when you have that many new pieces—and without a guy, an extra tight end, different guys that you’re trying to work in—it does look a little rag-tag and that’s the reason why we were so inconsistent today. Hopefully, with eight games remaining, we can get better each week and some of these guys are getting some valuable experience, are ready to start playing at a high level and will start feeling more comfortable playing with each other.”
Shanahan loves the current state of Redskin showmanship so much that he's willing to continue to 'bet on Beck' by keeping the rookie-like QB at the helm going forward.

“Yeah, we’re going to stick with John”, said Shanahan.

At this point you may be asking yourself, while pulling out your hair, why?
With Grossman in the game, the team won three games. With Beck in the game, the team has lost four straight.

Tale of two young teams

So, while the young players continue to get OTJ (on the job training), the team loses to a team that also has young players. Looking at the San Francisco 49er team roster, you can see that most of its players are in their twenties, as are the Redskins - who opted to go young as well.

The difference? San Francisco, 7-1. The Redskins, 3-5.

In Week 9 of the 2011 NFL season of the Washington Redskins, we're still trying to see what Mike Shanahan sees. We're trying to understand the Xs and Os of the Shanahan methodology, and quite frankly, it's blurry from where we stand.

Unless something is done quickly with this Washington Redskins team, we could see the rest of the Skins' season dipping further and further into an abyss of chaos and utter

Gaining experience is good. Gaining wins going into the second half of the season, priceless.

Also priceless is the look on the face of Skins' kicker, Graham Gano, who nailed a 59 yard field goal in the waning seconds of the first half to give the team its first points of the game.

Gano's kick was the longest field goal in Washington Redskins history.

Graham Gano connects on a 59 yard field goal, and is elated.

Catch of the Day

Beck missed a pass (or two) to Gaffney in the game, but in a 'do-over' Beck eventually connected with Gaffney for a touch down with 1:10 to go in the 4th.

Some men are so gifted. Jabar Gaffney catches the only TD of the day.

Oh, if only we could have a 3-peat of that (in every game going forward)!

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

DeAngelo Hall tries to explain why the Skins. . . KEEP LOSING.

"I don't feel like we're playing bad", explains Hall.

Adds, "I'm just as frustrated as ya'll."

Take a listen, as Hall tries to explain, in between the ranting of the mouthy show hosts.

DeAngelo Hall