'Hunt'-er For Red December

Caps Replace Bruce Boudreau

Bruce Boudreau the storied, yet oft times questionable coach of the 'Rock the Red' Washington Captials was relieved of his duties this week as head coach and general manager of the team.

Dale Hunter, former NHL hockey player who began his professional hockey career with the Quebec Nordiques and ended it with the Colorado Avalanche, has replaced Brodreau.

Dmitry Orlov autographs picture for fan at the 2011 Caps Convention. Photo CD Brown.

The hope of managment and players is that Hunter's no nonsense style of play will spill over into his coaching technique to try to take the up again, down again, Caps in a new direction.

"Dale Hunter is one of my favorite players to ever wear a Caps uniform - a former captain who was a leader in every sense of the word", writes Caps owner Ted Leonsis. "He is a hockey man through and through. But more importantly, he is inspirational, smart and hard working. In addition to being one of the most decorated players in our team’s history, Dale has been an extremely successful owner and coach of the London Knights."

The Capitals begain their season with a 7-1 run early on in the season before suddenly taking a downward turn in the rankings.

Much a do about nothing, some would say. Some Caps fans say Broudreau, who 'built' the team, was given a raw deal.

"They've always been a team that loses some, and then bounces back and starts winning again", said one hockey fan we spoke to a local grocery store proudly wearing a Caps T-shirt.

"I don't think Bruce should have been fired", he told us.

Yet others have suggested that the writing on the wall for Broudreau to end his time in Washington has been clear for some time.

Enter Hunter, 51, the 15th coach in Washington Capitals history. He made his debut last evening as he watched his new team fall to the St. Louis Blues at Verizon Center, giving fans the blues, literally.

In other Caps coaching news Jim Johnson has been hired as the assistant coach.

As December quickly approaches, with the Penquins their next opponent, all eyes will be on this coaching duo to see if they can take the Caps to hockey's 'Promised Land', as the hunt to bring the Stanley Cup to Washington continues.