The NBA Lockout Does Funny Things To Players

It's October and the NBA lockout still looms.

NBA players (who don't get to take their basketball talents to Italy for $2-3 million, or play in various summer leagues) are getting restless.

We find one NBA player (whom you might be all too familiar with) dressing early for Halloween (or something else), and his significant other gives us all the details (thanks to Twitter).

NBA's Gilbert Arenas dressed in a MS looking cop outfit, complete with handcuffs. Hopefully, the ensemble doesn't come outfitted with guns.

Arenas' on-again/off-again girlfriend, Laura Govan, tweeted this (among other things), "OMFG, so when I pull up he's singing, "Mrs. Officer, Mrs Officer!" Upon seeing Arenas in the get up, she also tweets, "Please end the lockout. I can't take another outfit".

NBA and player negotiations continued this weekend with both sides saying they are willing and able to negotiate terms - yet no agreement has been made, so the lockout continues.

Serious NBA players collectively meet the press after another round of negotiations.

Players want to keep 53% share of the league’s basketball-related income. NBA owners don't want players making more money than they already are, want player salaries at capped at 43%.

Here are more tweets that we found interesting on the subject.

**updated Monday, Oct 3, 2011
Blake Griffin voices his opinion
@blakegriffin: First day of training camp finally here can't wait for. Oh what's that NBA owners? You won't let us play? Sorry everybody.

Millionaires arguing with billionaires, while the rest of America is at a 9% unemployment rate.