How Does He Look (In Wax)?

Washington Capitals captain, Alexander Ovechkin, has his face immortalized in hockey history with a life-like statue, courtesy of Madame Tussauds in Washington, DC.

Tussauds is known for mimicking the likeness of famous people, including President Obama, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and others, with a pretty good accuracy.

We somehow think they missed the mark on Ovechkin.

While they did get the missing front tooth right, we can't help but wonder if the Madame - perhaps in an effort to present Ovechkin as a clean cut, gentleman of the ice - used a junior or senior high school picture. The likeness just doesn't bring out the grittiness and hard core hockey player that is Ovechkin, in our opinion.

He didn't get League MVP by playing Mr. Nice Guy.

Watch the making of the statue, and decide.

Additionally, we find that the Capitals name could be more prominently displayed on the front of the jersey.

Those are the glaring 'uh, ohs' we see.

Nonetheless, The Great 8 is now in wax for all to see; a nice belated birthday present.

The MVP, and the winning Capitals take on the Oilers this Sunday in a road trip that will hopefully see the Caps at 8-0.

Upcoming Caps Event
The Capitals are planning a Casino Night on February 10th at the Alexandria, VA Mark Center Hilton. Tickets are available now with proceeds benefitting Washington Capitals Charities.