Capital Showdown In Our Town!

December 10th Welter Weight Boxing Event Described As "Succulent To The Boxing Pallet". Tickets go on sale Friday, October 28, 2011.

"People don't realize how good of fight this is going to be", said Sharif Salim, manager for Seth 'Mayhem' Mitchell who will also be on the card.

Salim coined the fight between Khan and Peterson, "succulent to the boxing pallet".

Citing the boxing styles of the Khan and Peterson as "the same", he tells us the hunger in both fighters is what will make this fight a non-stop, toe-to-toe action packed boxing event.

Khan will be looking to hold on to his current super welter-weight championship status, while Peterson will be looking to gain the title.

DC's Lamont Peterson (right) stares down Amir Khan during the August press conference at the W Hotel promoting the fight. Photo/CD Brown.

The other half of the boxing Peterson twins, brother Anthony (30-0), suffering his first defeat last year against Brandon Rios said he is proud of his brother.

"Absolutely", he said.

Then, in a revealing piece of not 'heard often information', Anthony goes on to say about he and his brother's boxing careers, "This wasn't my dream", I was just trying to chase him", citing his want to emulate his brother.

Anthony Peterson is priming himself for a comeback in the near future.

The December 10th event at the Washington Convention Center will also feature DC undefeated heavy-weight boxer, Seth 'Mayhem' Mitchell.

DC's Lamont Peterson poses with Seth 'Mayhem' Mitchell during the August press conference at the W Hotel promoting the fight. Photo/CD Brown.

Said Mitchell on fighting on the card, "You've been introduced to Seth Mitchell. Come December 10th you'll see the 'mayhem'.

Lauded by some as the next Mike Tyson, Mitchell may be honored to be compared to Iron Mike, but says he just "wants to be the best Seth Mitchell he can be."

"I just want to stay focused, stay humble, and be the best I can be to reach my goal", Mitchell explained.

The fight will be broadcast on HBO.

Tickets are on sale now at