1-4 Philly Eagles Defeat 3-1 Skins

Interceptions Costly For Redskins.

"Tough loss today. We will be better next week, Hakuna Matata!"

That was a tweet from Redskin wide receiver Niles Paul as he watched his team fall apart before 80,000 fans at FedEx Field as the Redskins lose 20-13, to a 1-4 Philadelphia Eagles.

"The Redskins are better than this", shouted one Redskin fan, upset with the loss.

Eagles Asante Samuel (#22) and Nnamdi Asomugha (#24) celebrate after a reviewed penalty is ruled in favor of the Eagles. Photo/CD Brown.

Today’s loss is reminiscent of previous years when the Redskins would find a way to lose to teams they were supposed to have beaten. Then again, you don’t have to go back that far. Just think about two weeks ago when they lost to the hurt Tony Romo and the the Dallas Cowboys, 18-16. (Everyone expected the Skins to win that game).

Not even the 'bye' week could buy the Redskins a win over the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that lost its last three games.

Last year, with Mike Vick at the helm, the Redskins were defeated by the Eagles 59-28on Monday Night Football. Although the score was not as bad as then, the Eagles' QB Mike Vick praised his team's offense and defense saying, "We just wanted to come in and put a complete game together, all three phases of the game".

One could say they did that indeed, almost from the start, executing plays that would give the team a 20-0 lead as early as the second quarter.

Easy to do when the quarterback throws the ball to the other team - four times.

In a 'stunning display' of ineptness, Redskin quarterback Rex Grossman threw four interceptions, three caught by Eagle safety Kurt Coleman who said it was a blessing for his career "to come down to Washington."

Grossman was left explaining all four of his interceptions.

"The first one was a third and long, just out of field goal range", said Grossman on trying to get the ball to TE Fred Davis during most of those four interceptions.

"I saw Fred beating this guy, or at least in a coverage where they were going to be running together and I didn't like my own relief coverage...I had to put a ball up so Fred could go out and just get. It was intercepted and the ball should have been on the two."

While the Skins and Grossman were trying to figure out why the game wasn't going their way, Eagles' Kurt Coleman knew exactly why.

"On the first one (interception) they just tried to stretch us out, I was reading Rex, and I had a feeling that he would try to hit Davis because he is such a talented tight end. Once I saw that, I had to go and make the play", said Coleman.

Coleman, telling reporters in a post game interview that he now wants to make three interceptions every game, alluded that his other picks were just anticipating Rex.

"The others were just instincts. I just felt like Rex was going to throw and I just continued breaking on the ball."

Grossman, who had been penned last week "the best QB in the NFC East" by the NFL Network's Deion Sanders, threw for 143 yards completing 9 of 22 passes.

Coleman's performance on the day was somewhat reminiscent of DeAngelo Hall's four interceptions in last year's 17-14 win over the Chicago Bears, one giving Hall a 92-yard touchdown in the third quarter.

Eagles' safety Nate Allen had an interception off a Grossman pass to Jabar Gaffney in the second quarter.

It was just a few weeks ago that Coleman was benched after he missed an open-field tackle. Today, it was Grossman's turn.

John Beck in for Rex Grossman. Called "the spark" the game needed by Shanahan. Photo/CD Brown.

Coach Shanahan pulled Grossman in the third quarter replacing him with John Beck, hoping for a "spark" in the final quarter.

It would be the second time in as many years that Shanahan has pulled one of his quarterbacks from a game for underperforming.

"...with four turnovers there we thought it was time to make a change and give John an apportunity to show us what he could do", Shanahan nonchantly explained to reporters after the game.

It would be Beck's first time, since 2007, playing in an NFL game. He finished with 8 of 15 completed passing for 117 yard and a career-long 32 yard touchdown pass to Terrence Austin.

Speaking after the game, coach Shanahan would not comment on whether Beck would be the team's starting QB going forward.

"I will announce that later in the week after we make a decision."

That 'decision' may come as soon as Wednesday.

Grossman, when asked if he was worried about his job said, "I'm worried about getting better. It was a bad game, I got to forget about it and move on."

The Redskins 'move on' to face the 1-5 Carolina Panthers next Sunday.

Hakuna Matata.

Nice Things That Happened on the Day
Philly's Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen weren't the only safeties with interceptions. Skins' Oshiomogho Atogwe picked off a Vick pass in the third quarter intended for Brent Celek. (No gain).

Kick returner Brandon Banks set up a nice second half 47 yard return to, again, give the Redskins great field position.

Kicker Graham Gano completed a 50-yard field goal in the second quarter.

Punter Sav Rocca had two punts, both inside the 20, giving him 14 for the season. After Sunday's game he leads the NFL in punts inside the 20.

Redskin vs Eagles Game Injuries

Chris Cooley (broken finger/knee swelling)
Korey Lichtensteiger (knee)
Trent Williams (high ankle sprain)