Redskins Continue to Their Win. Continue To Receive Praise.

Rookie Ryan Kerrigan (#91) gets at Arizona QB Kevin Kolb. Photo/Aaron J for DC UrbanSports.

With the Redskins now first place in the NFC East at the start of the regular season, the team continues to be lauded for their impressive 2-0 record.

Quarterbacks Eil Manning and Kevin Kolb have praised the team. Coaches have recognized that something is 'different'.

Even former Redskin Vonnie Holliday said of his former team, "they are a different team".

Holliday, who admitted in a post game interview Sunday after the Redskins beat the Arizona Cardinals (of which Holliday is now a member) 22-21, said he wishes he weree back with the Skins.

"I knew it would be a hostile environment", explained Holliday. Citing the fan excitment at FedExField Holliday said, "I wish I could have been on the opposite side."

Holliday came to town this past Sunday with a chip on his shoulder and with something to prove. "I always have something to prove. They traded me and I have a chip on my shoulder."

The Redskins overcame an eight point deficit over their former teammate to enjoy their second win of the season.

Arizona quarterback Kevin Colb said in his post-game interview, "I never felt like we had them". That comment was made even after Kolb threw an impressive touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald early in the fourth quarter.

Game Day Photos here.

Fitzgerald caught seven passes for 133 yards on the day. Kolb threw for 251 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

The Redskins earned a total of 455 yards on Sunday.

Also to their credit, the team's protection of its quarterback Rex Grossman allowed Grossman to complete 25 of 43 passes for 283 yards and two touchdowns, despite throwing two costly interceptions.

Said Coach Shanahan on the missteps, “You’re always hoping that your quarterback can pull you through in the fourth quarter. That’s what he did, especially when you start out a little bit slow and a little bit shaky. You have to keep your poise and you have to keep your composure, especially early when you throw a couple of interceptions and, all of a sudden, the pressure starts to mount. I was pleased with the way he handled himself in the fourth quarter.”

Though not terribly upset at his own QB, Arizona head coach Ken Whisenhut said, "We had opportunities in all facets of our game today, but we just made mistakes. As a team that's got a lot new players we got to work through that." (Game interview here).

Running backs Tim Hightower and Roy Helu, in concert for the much improved team, rushed for a total 170 yards.

Other bright spots on Sunday were Fred Davis, the leader in Washington’s receivers, catching six passes for 86 yards and a touchdown. The ever dependable Santana Moss caught five passes for 61 yards and scored a Grossman touchdown, solidifying Sunday's win.

At the start of the 2011 season the Redskins rank among the Top-5 in yards per carry and among the Top-10 in passing yards per game.

Brandon Banks continues to give the team the best field position since who knows when. When Banks is in the game, he makes things happen.

Coach Shanahan and the rest of coaching staff are hoping Banks can continue his pace going into Monday's highly anticipated match up against the rival Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football.

This task may be a bit easier to do than expected with the team having its share of injuries. Most noteably, qarterback Tony Romo. Romo isn't expected to participate on Monday after sustaining two punctured lungs in a conquest over the San Francisco 49ers during last week's Monday Night football.

The Cowboys are #2 in the NFC East. Here's how the two teams match up.


The Redskins' latest accolade sees the team joining an emerging list of contenders for the 3rd annual Madden Protectors Award. This award honors the NFL’s best offensive line and will be presented during the week of Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Past Madden Protectors Award recipients include the New England Patriots (2010) and the New Orleans Saints (2009).

The Madden Protectors Award recognizes the fundamental role offensive linemen play in their teams’ success by providing consistent and powerful protection day in and day out.

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