GreenBay Packers Get A White House Welcome

Dreams come true. Trade rumors swirl. And, we thought the NFL Lockout was over!

Washington Redskin Rex Grossman was all but stoned when he predicted that the Redskins would take over the NFC East this year.

Phrases like “It’s too soon; ‘He should just shut up”; and “He should worry about making the team before making such a prediction” have been the talk of many.

I stand in defense of Grossman’s statement. Kind of. Here’s why.

Every grown up tells a little kid who ever wanted to become a doctor, a lawyer, a professional athlete, or even the President of the United States, 'Dream big'.

Grossman is doing just that. Dreaming big.

Many times over, little boys, aspiring to be professional athletes tell their mothers, after seeing them work so hard to provide for the family will say, “Mom, I’m going to be rich and you’ll never have work again.

Just last week at the NFL Hall of Fame we heard new inductees Deoin Sanders and Shannon Sharpe say those very words.

They too, dreamed big.

When nobody thought the Green Bay Packers would win the SuperBowl, defensive back Charles Woodson did. He told President Obama, “If the president doesn’t want to come to watch us at the SuperBowl, then we’re going to him”.

A bold statement. An even bolder prediction. But one that came true.

He believed in his words so much that he gave a jersey to Governor Walker to a visiting President Obama with the words, “See you at the White House”.

Today Charles Woodson joined SuperBowl XLV MVP Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Green Bay Packers - at the White House.

Romans 4:17 says God called those things that are not, into being. Modern day translation: Believ., Dream big.

Woodson's belief, coupled with an even bigger vision, took him and his team to the height of their NFL careers and landed him at the table with the President of the United States.

When they got there, President Obama spoke some humbling words.

“I’m just gonna come out and say it”, said President Obama, a Chicago Bears fan. “This is hard for me. This is a hard thing for a Bears fan to do”.

"You come into my house to rub it in. What are you going to do [next] go to [Mike] Dicka’s house?

What they would do next is present the president with a GreenBay Packer stock certificate, sealed in a frame - a gift from no other NFL team since GreenBay is the only publicly traded sports team.

After looking over his new company share President Obama made his first executive decision as new owner.

“I suggest we trade Aaron [Rodgers] to the Chicago Bears”.

Not liking Obama's suggestion so much, Woodson reminded the president that he was "a minority owner”.

All joking aside, President Obama congratulated the team for defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers (in town tonight to take on the Washington Redskins) 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV, giving them their fourth title. The president congratulated the team and its owner for their community service work in the Wisconsin area.

But getting back to Rex Grossman.

While Grossman has yet to prove himself a winner with the Washington Redskins, even a not so top notch quarterback can dream. And dream big.

One day Grossman might even make a visit to the White House.

Now, about that GreenBay stock.
Green Bay Packers stock is not stock that you can just buy. It is offered by the Green Bay Packers, and sale of stock has to be approved by the existing shareholders. The last time stock was offered for sale was 1997-1998 for $200 per share to raise funds for improving Lambeau Field. The sale raised more than $24 million, about 1/3 of that in the first 11 days of the offering.

People who own shares of of GBP stock cannot be sold to others--it can only be sold back to the team. The stock doesn't appreciate in value, no dividends are paid, and there are no season ticket privileges. However, the stock certificate is really cool, and you can proudly say you own part of a professional football team!

(Stock source: Wikipedia)

A Bit of GreenBay trivia, courtesy of NFL Redzone Scott Hanson's Twitter page.

We thought the NFL Lockout was over!

I'm sure, after getting a wiff of the story, that President Obama will arrange for Packers Desmond Bishop to visit the White House.

Biship, linebacker for the SuperBowl champions, was on board for the trip with the team, but couldn't get through the iron gates of the premises because... wait for it... he left his I.D. on the plane.

The most exciting time (possibly) of your life and you forgot your identification?

Bishop tweeted that he was denied even before he got off the bus to the White House.

Ouch! First Shaq, now Bishop gets locked out of the White House.

That's like someone not yelling BINGO! when they have a double bingo, until it's too late. (Truth be told, both have happened to me).

Here's another Bishop Twitter exchange explaining more of what happened.

But, life goes on. There's always another chance - at both.

See our photos of the Packers' visit here.