The Goodman League Game: Dude! Did You See That?

It's 'Something Like a Phenomenum'.

The Goodman League, DC's official neighborhood streetball basketball phenom continues to gain popularity, and news coverage.

Even an official White House photographer was there this past weekend to cover the spectacular 135-134 win by DC's own Goodman League, at Trinity University, over the visiting Los Angeles-based Drew League.

With the NBA Lockout in affect, and players not knowing if they'll have basketball come this Fall (of course, they will), the players are taking every opportunity to play the game they love.

The game featured Wizards John Wall and JaVale McGee, with hometown talent Kevin Durrant (the game's MVP) scoring 44 points to help solidify the win for DC over teammate James Harden. (Note: Former Wizard Gilbert Arenas has also participated in previous Goodman League games).

This year's game played to a packed, sold-out, turn-away-crowds-at-the-door fame-like frenzy. Ticket holders who were turned away will be reimbursed. The reason for the apparent sellout is explained by Post columnist Michael Lee, here.

On the Drew League website the following statement was provided:
The commish and Drew Crew would like to clarify: To all those who attended the "Capital Punishment" game in DC -- The Drew League had no responsibility nor took any part in ticket sales and the outcome of said sales... That was all handled by the host league in DC. Same rule would apply as to any games in LA - Drew would handle LA sales.**
Suffice it to say, the Goodman League is summertime basketball at its best.

If you're not yet hip to the GL games, you'd better ask somebody.

More footage here.

Even Bisnow, the seemingly everywhere, always-on-the-scene media and social butterfly wrote a brief snippet about it.

"Street basketball was at its peak Saturday night as the two top pro-am leagues in the country, Goodman League vs. Drew League, played to a packed house at Trinity University.


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Check out pics from the game here.